Sun Conure Parrots Entertaining

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Sun Conure Parrots
Sun Conure Parrots are free flying in Rodeo, New Mexico they belong to Chris Biro who lives in the Boot Heel of N.M. The Sun Parrots come and visit Mountain Valley Lodge and R.V. Park and eat the pecans off the trees, entertain myself and guests during the day and everyone sure enjoys them, this is a wild part of the birds.  liberty wings is a great place to learn about what Chris is doing.  Chris also does Parrot shows to educating audiences about parrots and endangered birds for over two decades.

This picture is the Sun Conure Parrot checking out the camera or is it checking out the person taking the picture?


  1. Great photograph of the parrot in flight and looking at the camera. I'm sure guests enjoy interacting with the parrots when they come to pick pecans.

  2. They are so colorful! I look for them every time I am near the Rodeo P.O. I'm glad they found you and your pecans.

  3. Yes the guests take pictures and the Sun Parrots land on them, it is a great time I really enjoy them myself. Yes and they are loud you hear them before you see them.