My Vacation At The Sea Of Cortez

My Ride
View From House I Was Visiting

Sting Ray
Dunn Buggy

I went on vacation in March to the Baja in Mexico when the Baja off road racing 250 miles was happening  this was great excitement for me as the first time I attended the race, Sea Of Cortez. I had so much fun riding in the Dunn buggy to go watch the race, riding along on the beach and  on partying the beach, going down the beach to a restaurant, the driver of the buggy  was a very good driver and did we go fast! I could get up in the morning and have my coffee on the deck and watch the tide come in, walk on the beach and no one else around. We went to Gonzaga Bay to visit theie friends and they caught a octopus and fresh fish so had ceviche for breakfast.

 I stayed with my good friends on this vacation and they have a wonderful place and showed me a great time.


  1. It sounds like you had a very good time, sometimes you just have to get away and experience life somewhere else, welcome back to the bubble.

  2. I had 3 different vacations this year so far and this was the last one with the most fun! Yes I was ready to come back.

  3. Wild times in a dune buggy!

  4. I sure had some fun ridding in the Dunn Buggy. I will have to put a video on u tube of one of the rides

  5. I really love the photo of the water with the Sting ray. It looks like the water is moving!

  6. I was following the string ray to get that picture! The water is so clean and beautiful. Thank you!