January Vacation in Wisconsin

Too Cold To Go Outside

I went to Wisconsin to visit my mother for her 93rd birthday in January it was so cold and snowing. I did get to visit with family but refused to drive as the roads were so bad and a long time since I have driven on ice or snow. The plane was cancelled 5 times due to Chicago getting in and out, so my vacation lasted 5 extra days. The day I finally left this was the temperature and of course it was windy. My brother called it a old fashion winter, but also said he would like to come visit in Rodeo!

I did tell my family I would not go to Wisconsin again in January, summer would much better. When I returned back to Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico I really enjoyed the sun plus going outside and have my morning coffee.
Koi Pond


  1. -20?, I prefer the sunshine and clear blue skies of Rodeo.