Free Flying Parrots In Rodeo, New Mexico

Sun Conure
Scarlet's Parrot
Parrots Eating Pecans

Today Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico had a Scarlet Parrot and several Sun Conure Parrots come to eat some Pecans off the trees. This was so much fun to watch them, if the Pecans fell on the ground they would not go get them just go after one on the tree. Pecans are a natural food for them and also the beauty of the several different like the Sun Conure and Scarlett's Parrot.

In Rodeo we have a person who is a flight instructor for free flying Parrots so they do fly around town and go back home again what a thrill!

 Chris has been flight training parrots as part of The Pirate’s Parrot Show, an educationally based pirate-themed parrot show that has performed at state and county fairs across the US since 1989. He flies parrots in a variety of environments ranging from busy state fairgrounds to high mountain desert canyons and cliffs. He is the founder and owner of the free-flight email list, started in 1990, that currently has over 1800 members across the world. Chris has presented about free-flight at national conferences such as American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) Conference, International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) Conference (bird trainers) and Parrots International Symposium (parrot conservation) as well as presented 2 day flight training seminars in France and Portugal.

 The Pirate’s Parrot Show is a Fun, Educational, and Interactive experience for all ages and cultures.  This informative show comes complete with a large variety of parrots from around the world, “real” pirates, an authentic Pirate Ship display, and delightful speech and free flight performances. Each year, 30-50 thousand people from across the country are amazed and delighted to safely hold and pet these parrots. Link to Chris's Free Flight Training page.

 Scientists estimate that only 2,000 to 2,800 adult thick-billed parrots remain in the wild, all of them in Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental. "Naturally occurring flocks" of the birds were last seen in Arizona in 1938 at the Chiricahua National Monument east of Tucson, and in 1964 in the Animas Mountains of southwest New Mexico.


  1. Cool video. Parrots in Rodeo, always something new.

  2. Thank you! One never knows what will show up around Rodeo.

  3. I've watched them [and talked to them!] near Chris', near the Baptist Church. I did not know they flew to your place and back again. Wow!
    There must be an instinct that tells the parrot they are safe in the tree but NOT on the ground for that behavior of letting the fallen pecans fall.

  4. I thought so to that the Parrots know that predators could get them on the ground. It is nice they come for a snack my Canadian guests were pretty amazed by this.