Dinner With Guests

Enjoying A Meal Together
Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico had guests in January who gave me some Elk steaks so my RV guests from Michigan cooked  up a great meal and went with the hiking club this past week. The meal included guests staying from France for several days and also went on the hike with the hiking club, guest from a Island off Washington state guest from Germany and myself.

It was a great time with all of us talking, having a beer or a glass of wine visiting till way after dark as you can tell we started at 5 P.M. so we could see what we ate. The night sky is so beautiful in this part of the Boot  Heel that the guests do not see from where they live.


  1. Quite the international crowd at MVL. Hope everyone enjoyed there time in the Boot Heel and spent some time in the mountains.

  2. Yes everyone sure enjoyed the stay in the San Simon Valley.

  3. Are there elks in this part of NM?

  4. No Elk in this part of New Mexico but upper New Mexico.