Merry Christmas From The Pink Store In Polomas, Mexico

Merry Christmas From The Pink Store

Beautiful Pottery

The Boot heel social club went to Polomas, Mexico to Christmas shop, have a Margarita, have a delicious lunch Mexican or American food, visit with the staff and each other, and check out what is new as there is always something new at the Pink Store!  This was the first time that a friend from British Columbia was available to come with us as she only comes to stay at her place in Rodeo, N.M. a month or so a year, she sure had a great time. One of the other ladies is staying at Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo which this is her 2nd visit to Polomas, Mexico.

 The Plaza is a visual feast of colors, architectural display, shops and many services. Everything you come to Mexico to do is here in this area surrounding the Plaza. You'll find eyeglasses and exam, dental work, gold jewelry and pharmaceuticals. An extensive menu at the Pink Store offers Mexican and American fare. Wonderful service, carefully prepared food, the best margaritas! The Mariachis play and sing this is always so much fun.

The Pink Store offers tours to visit the Mata Ortiz pottery village, Casa Grandes, and the Copper Canyon.


  1. Wow! I did not know they will do a tour in Copper Canyon. That is on my short list!

  2. Looks like the Boot Heel Social Club had another great adventure.

  3. I read the web site they have do these tours! The Boot Heel Social Club had a great time again.