Custom Moccasins With Antler Rosette Buttons

My Christmas Present
Custom Moccasins
Antler Rosettes
I had Skull Canyon Leather from the San Simon Valley, in Arizona make me a pair of Custom Moccasins with Antler Rosettes for buttons as they are more natural. This was a Christmas present for myself this year, I am also having a purse made to match this was a after thought. I have worn them a few times now and they are like walking on air and so comfortable. I was shown the right way to lace them up and how to clean them, what to clean them with also. The moccasins were made of Buffalo hide, I even had a arch made with the inserts as I have a high arch. The sole is made of Vibrant New flex and slip resisting characteristics. I also had feathers put on for a decoration which was the first feathers they have done.

This is the first pair of any type shoe that I have had custom made and I am so happy with them. If you are in the area stop by Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park and check my Moccasins!


  1. Nice looking moccasins, Skull Canyon Leather did a great job. Enjoy your Christmas present.

  2. Thank you! They are really comfortable, and just what I wanted.

  3. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift for you! I think you did good!

  4. Thank you Paula, most I ever spent on myself for shoes.

  5. Wow! He does great work! You deserve it!

  6. I really like them,I wore them all day, my feet feel great! His work is wonderful I am completely satisfied.