Ten Year Anniversary Owning A Business In Rodeo, New Mexico

Old Sign
New Sign
I have been the owner of Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico for ten years on November 2, 2013. This has been a real challenge for me as it was a renovation job when I bought this business. As you see I had a handy man build me a new sign, and so many other projects during the years. The biggest project was to get rid of 7 cess pools and have a new septic system then not thinking the yard was a real mess so took almost a year to create and landscape. Creating a cactus garden in front is where the leach field now is.  Adding lattice to help create privacy for everyone, this was fun! Then having 2 new metal roofs put on, electrical work done. waterfall on the Koi pond and the list goes on. Now that things are working and fixed up I am at retirement age and would like to try something else for my next chapter of life. I now have Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park for sale.

I have had so much fun meeting so many nice people in the Portal, Arizona and Rodeo, New Mexico area which some will be life long friends. I have enjoyed meeting  and visiting with my guests as they come from all over the world.


  1. I had forgotten that early sign. I did like the sunset on it. Or maybe that is a sunrise?! Remember when we painted signs for our July 4 float? fun fun!

    Happy Anniversary! Your place is very lovely!

  2. That sign was close to falling down, this one will not, I thought it was a sunset!

    Thank you! Ten years went fast.

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary. I think the new sign is much nicer than the old one and more professional looking.

  4. I sure agree! The old one came with buying the property.

  5. DiAnn your place is BEAUTIFUL! It is one of the prettiest properties in the Rodeo/Portal area.

  6. Wow! Thank you so much! Guess what I have done shows.