A Night Of Two Full Moons

Full Moon And Orb
On this full moon night at Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park, I went outside to check the moon, it was so big and beautiful and the pecan tree has golden leaves now so I went in to fetch the camera. I took 7 pictures as they never all turn out. This full moon is called the Beaver moon by the Native Americans and some call it the frosty moon. 

Then when I down loaded the pictures this is the only one with a orb, so I Goggled it and gives some examples as water particles suspended in air, dust particles suspended in air,  centers of consciousness. This one is white, you can see through it, I did not alter this picture as I have never taken a picture with a orb appearing in it before. So I figure the automatic flash went off and this is the result or a spiritual orb!


  1. One close and one distant moon from Mountain Valley Lodge, good catch. I find night photography with a flash difficult but have obtained some acceptable results with long exposures.

  2. I do not take many pictures after dark, I thought this was different! I do not know how to adjust exposure time on my camera!