Rodeo New Mexico's Most Western Town Sunset

New Mexico Sunset
This picture was taken from Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo New Mexico's most western town. As when I am in the yard in Rodeo I see the Chiricahua Mountains to my west I am also looking at Arizona. In Rodeo the Peloncillo Mountains are to the east are also beautiful in the morning with the sunrise but I usually am doing something that just does not relate to a camera.

Civil twilight is defined when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon. In the morning this is known as dawn, in the evening it is called dusk. This is the limit at which twilight illumination is sufficient, under good weather conditions, for terrestrial objects to be clearly distinguished; at the beginning of morning civil twilight, or end of evening civil twilight, the horizon is clearly defined and the brightest stars are visible under good atmospheric conditions in the absence of moonlight or other illumination. In the morning before the beginning of civil twilight and in the evening after the end of civil twilight, artificial illumination is normally required to carry on ordinary outdoor activities.


Moisture In May In The San Simon Valley

Looking West

Koi Pond
Yesterday the San Simon valley received just a little moisture with some thunder! We did not receive much but it sure was nice to see the clouds and receive what moisture we did. I took this picture of the Koi pond as it looks so nice with rain drops in it. The rain water coming out of the gutter is looking west to the Chiricahua Mountains from Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico. This part of New Mexico usually does not see rain until about the 4th of July, so you can imagine how excited everyone is this part of the Boot Heel felt about this.

Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park, Reviews

Crazy Guy On A Bike


Pilot Car Driver


These are a few reviews that people have left in the rooms at Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico.  Many of reasons people come to Rodeo, N.M. for a stay, it is always nice to visit with them to see where they came from and where they are headed.

If you click on top picture it gets large enough to read, and continue across.


Portal Library (Myrtle Kraft Library)


Close up
This mural was designed by a local resident of Portal, Arizona area. The person sitting by the tree is one who was a retired teacher and worked at the Library. Ginny was her name and she was one of 2 ladies that started the children corner. The artist name is Celia she picked this sycamore tree as the library has them in the yard, all the animals that Celia put on this mural are just beautiful makes the mural come to life, what a exceptional addition this is.  The Portal Library ( Myrtle Kraft Library) has this mural in the children's corner. The unveiling of this beautiful mural was yesterday,  many people were gathered for this presentation. The Portal Library had serve desserts and soft drinks to celebrate the event. This is a branch of  Cochise County in Arizona


Many Faces Of The Chiricahua Mountains

These pictures were taken from Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico. The top one was taken in the morning when the sun was coming up over the Peloncillo Mountains. It is always so nice to go outside and have a cup of coffee and watch the mountain come alive with color. As you can see a bunny comes in the yard to find some grass to eat, dig a hole and lie in it, then finish off with a drink of water.  The second picture was taken in the afternoon when the sun was high what a view of the difference of light in the sky.

This sure explains while people live here with all this beauty, so many outdoor activities this is birding season and people come from all over to see birds and get pictures of them. Hiking is a great choice to get out doors with so many places to see with two mountain ranges here. Our skies are dark with no light pollution so many astronomers visit and live in the area. There are always events to attend between Rodeo, N.M. and sister town Portal, Arizona. 


Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America

Kyle Petty Charity Ride

Some Of The Riders
The Kyle Petty Charity Ride supports Victory Junction, a camp created to enrich the lives of children with chronic and life threatening illnesses. The Facebook page name is Kyle Petty Charity Ride across America.  This is the blog they are doing for the charity event  This is his passion for helping others. This year, Kyle Petty will lead approximately 200 riders coast to coast for the first time, traveling from Carlsbad, Calif. to Daytona Beach, Fla., May 3 -10. As a result of the Ride, more than 7,730 children have attended Victory Junction at no cost to their families.

Well the 200 bikes that drove by, coke trucks, Kyle Petty and his friend all waved, blew the horns as they went on to Las Cruces for the night. 


Rain In April In The Boot Heel

Chiricahua Mountains
The Boot Heel was ready for some moisture and last night the Rodeo, New Mexico had 2 tenths of rain with thunder. Today I took these pictures as more thunder in the sky, and should get rain some place in the Portal, Arizona or Rodeo, New Mexico area. Just going outside from Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park the air smells fresh and clean. It is now raining with a bit of hail and more thunder!

If you click on the panorama to enlarge you will see I started from southwest turning west then north to the northeast. Lots of dark sky in the area!


Happy Easter From New Mexico

Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park

Tombstone Rose

Happy Easter everyone from Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico. I hope this finds everyone enjoying spring like everyone is in the Boot Heel of New Mexico. This was a strange winter for most of the United States but was the nicest winter I remember here. The Tombstone Rose (Rose banksiae) is beautiful this year with so many blossoms. It has been blooming for several weeks now and has been in April for several years.

Some things I thought about Easter: it is about Easter baskets, egg dying, buying a new spring outfit and going to church together as Easter is really about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Sunset Over Chiricahua Mountains

Sunset From Rodeo, New Mexico

This is a sunset from Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico. I took this with my new I Phone as my other cell phone was not working any more, this new phone sure does a lot and I do not know much yet. There is no bend in the road but I figure I was moving to slow while taking this.

Living in Rodeo the views are so much different than when you are in the canyons as we get a futher view but much larger view.


Cave Creek Canyon Portal, Arizoona

Cave Creek Canyon
Cave Creek Canyon

Went to Cave Creek Canyon in Portal, Arizona with guest at Mountain Valley Lodge and R.V. Park in Rodeo, N.M. The view in the canyon is beautiful and the guests really enjoyed themselves here. The Chiricahua Mountains have many birders who come from all over to see and check them off their bird list. The mountains have exceptional Ponderosa Pine biodiversity such as black bears, white tail deer, Elegant Trogon, Chiricahua Leopard Frog,  Pine, many hiking trails and the list goes on this link will take you to more information Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon.


January Vacation in Wisconsin

Too Cold To Go Outside

I went to Wisconsin to visit my mother for her 93rd birthday in January it was so cold and snowing. I did get to visit with family but refused to drive as the roads were so bad and a long time since I have driven on ice or snow. The plane was cancelled 5 times due to Chicago getting in and out, so my vacation lasted 5 extra days. The day I finally left this was the temperature and of course it was windy. My brother called it a old fashion winter, but also said he would like to come visit in Rodeo!

I did tell my family I would not go to Wisconsin again in January, summer would much better. When I returned back to Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico I really enjoyed the sun plus going outside and have my morning coffee.
Koi Pond


My Vacation In San Diego, Ca

Crab Cakes
Begonia Plant
Ocean Front
I went on vacation to San Diego, Ca. the weather was perfect and company was great. I had a very enjoyable vacation with my friends and stayed at their home here for a week. We went to several different restaurants to eat but the Crab Cakes and Margaritas were the best at Brigantine Restaurant. We walked the Ocean Front walkway seeing folks play in the sand, laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and checked out several stores in the area. We also went to a movie on the big screen, and treated myself to a pedicure! 

One night we sat by a campfire in the back yard visiting with a few friends. It took me 9 hours to drive to San Diego with a few stops, such as Dateland for a shake. After a week here is when we went to San Felipe for 2 weeks which they drove.


My Vacation At The Sea Of Cortez

My Ride
View From House I Was Visiting

Sting Ray
Dunn Buggy

I went on vacation in March to the Baja in Mexico when the Baja off road racing 250 miles was happening  this was great excitement for me as the first time I attended the race, Sea Of Cortez. I had so much fun riding in the Dunn buggy to go watch the race, riding along on the beach and  on partying the beach, going down the beach to a restaurant, the driver of the buggy  was a very good driver and did we go fast! I could get up in the morning and have my coffee on the deck and watch the tide come in, walk on the beach and no one else around. We went to Gonzaga Bay to visit theie friends and they caught a octopus and fresh fish so had ceviche for breakfast.

 I stayed with my good friends on this vacation and they have a wonderful place and showed me a great time.


Cyclist 5 th Year Tour Thur Rodeo, New Mexico

Setting Up Camp
Cycling New Mexico
Coast 2 Coast Cycling


Coast 2 Coast uses the Southern tier ( with a few of Bubba's change of route) they start the bicycle tour from San Diego, Ca. to St. Augustine, Fl. This year C 2 C had 43 riders and 18 staff which included massage therapist, catering,  bike mechanic, and sag vehicles. One rider told me it was his 3rd trip doing the C 2 C trip with Bubba, that he so enjoys the ride. U.S. Hwy. 80 is a 2 lane road with Mountain's on both side in some place in Arizona and New Mexico. Mountain Valley Lodge and R.V. Park sure enjoys visiting with guests as many different reasons for doing this Bicycle tour.

The Painted Pony Resort had cycling group the same night called Lizard Head Cycling, guess it is the time of year to tour the Southern Tier.


Sun Conure Parrots Entertaining

Fun With Parrots
Sun Conure Parrots
Sun Conure Parrots are free flying in Rodeo, New Mexico they belong to Chris Biro who lives in the Boot Heel of N.M. The Sun Parrots come and visit Mountain Valley Lodge and R.V. Park and eat the pecans off the trees, entertain myself and guests during the day and everyone sure enjoys them, this is a wild part of the birds.  liberty wings is a great place to learn about what Chris is doing.  Chris also does Parrot shows to educating audiences about parrots and endangered birds for over two decades.

This picture is the Sun Conure Parrot checking out the camera or is it checking out the person taking the picture?


Free Flying Parrots In Rodeo, New Mexico

Sun Conure
Scarlet's Parrot
Parrots Eating Pecans

Today Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico had a Scarlet Parrot and several Sun Conure Parrots come to eat some Pecans off the trees. This was so much fun to watch them, if the Pecans fell on the ground they would not go get them just go after one on the tree. Pecans are a natural food for them and also the beauty of the several different like the Sun Conure and Scarlett's Parrot.

In Rodeo we have a person who is a flight instructor for free flying Parrots so they do fly around town and go back home again what a thrill!

 Chris has been flight training parrots as part of The Pirate’s Parrot Show, an educationally based pirate-themed parrot show that has performed at state and county fairs across the US since 1989. He flies parrots in a variety of environments ranging from busy state fairgrounds to high mountain desert canyons and cliffs. He is the founder and owner of the free-flight email list, started in 1990, that currently has over 1800 members across the world. Chris has presented about free-flight at national conferences such as American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) Conference, International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) Conference (bird trainers) and Parrots International Symposium (parrot conservation) as well as presented 2 day flight training seminars in France and Portugal.

 The Pirate’s Parrot Show is a Fun, Educational, and Interactive experience for all ages and cultures.  This informative show comes complete with a large variety of parrots from around the world, “real” pirates, an authentic Pirate Ship display, and delightful speech and free flight performances. Each year, 30-50 thousand people from across the country are amazed and delighted to safely hold and pet these parrots. Link to Chris's Free Flight Training page.

 Scientists estimate that only 2,000 to 2,800 adult thick-billed parrots remain in the wild, all of them in Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental. "Naturally occurring flocks" of the birds were last seen in Arizona in 1938 at the Chiricahua National Monument east of Tucson, and in 1964 in the Animas Mountains of southwest New Mexico.


Dinner With Guests

Enjoying A Meal Together
Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park in Rodeo, New Mexico had guests in January who gave me some Elk steaks so my RV guests from Michigan cooked  up a great meal and went with the hiking club this past week. The meal included guests staying from France for several days and also went on the hike with the hiking club, guest from a Island off Washington state guest from Germany and myself.

It was a great time with all of us talking, having a beer or a glass of wine visiting till way after dark as you can tell we started at 5 P.M. so we could see what we ate. The night sky is so beautiful in this part of the Boot  Heel that the guests do not see from where they live.


Mc Cord Trail Day Hike

Cave Creek Canyon
Portal Rodeo Hiking Club
Hiking up hill
Nineteen people met at Cave Creek Ranch in the Chiricahua Mountains for a hike up Mc Cord Trail in the Chiricahua Mountains. I myself have not hiked for awhile so I did not go up and over but went to the saddle had a lunch, visited with the people who did not go up and over then headed back down. The hike was a elevation gain of about 2,000 feet and maybe 5 miles as we took a side trip. Guests from Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park were also hiking 2 from Michigan and 2 from France and they really enjoyed the views. 

We saw Javelina's at the start of the hike and a coues white tail during the hike. It turned out to be a nice day for everyone to enjoy.To view the map click here.

Custom Moccasins With Antler Rosette Buttons

My Christmas Present
Custom Moccasins
Antler Rosettes
I had Skull Canyon Leather from the San Simon Valley, in Arizona make me a pair of Custom Moccasins with Antler Rosettes for buttons as they are more natural. This was a Christmas present for myself this year, I am also having a purse made to match this was a after thought. I have worn them a few times now and they are like walking on air and so comfortable. I was shown the right way to lace them up and how to clean them, what to clean them with also. The moccasins were made of Buffalo hide, I even had a arch made with the inserts as I have a high arch. The sole is made of Vibrant New flex and slip resisting characteristics. I also had feathers put on for a decoration which was the first feathers they have done.

This is the first pair of any type shoe that I have had custom made and I am so happy with them. If you are in the area stop by Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park and check my Moccasins!